I haven’t been blogging for years, but I have felt it in my body for so so long, I really want to start my writing again.

Why I am writing in english? Actually I don’t know. It was just that little voice inside of me who told me, 2 years ago, that I should do it. I guess it is in ängelska (angelish) 😉 This english thing have been a huge war inside of my head, because I haven’t really speak english since high school so the grammar is not quiet there. But the thing is, I don´t care anymore. I guess if someone is reading, they will understand my point anyway and if the spelling or grammar is too bad, tell me, let me know so I can improve myself.

Because thats what it’s all about, improving myself in this journey of life. And I guess thats why my writing have been such a strong drive inside of me lately. I want to share my truth. My thoughts. I want to open up in a world who have turned in to some pink fluffy cloud in social media. I want to discuss heavy topics, share experiences with each other, learn from each other.

So welcome to my little space, or I want to call it our little space, because in here – we can just be ourself ♥

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