How does your body feel right now?

Josefines Yoga (klick on the link to read more about the challenge) did start an 14 days challenge today:  “Yoga, reflection & share”. So the challenge involves 3 step. First yoga, then the reflection about todays question and the last part for me is to share. Share my thoughts “to the world” about the daily question. This challenge fit me like the hand in the glove right now as I have started my writing again. Because this is exactly what we need to do, we need to open up, share our thoughts, dare to ask for help and support each other. I am so so grateful for this challenge and I am really looking forward to it.

So this is day one of the challenge, and todays question which I would answer: How does your body feel right now? 

It was my first time doing 15 minutes with shaking ever, I haven’t actually heard about it before, but it was such a release to turn the music on, close my eyes and just shake it off, 15 minutes went by really fast. Some months ago I would have felt so stupid standing there like a maniac shaking, but I don’t have any problems to do that kind of things anymore. The thing is, since I have started this journey to get to know myself I have also developed an I don’t care I just do whatever comes trough my mind – kind of attitude. Now afterwards I am feeling like it is tingling in my whole body, so much is going on inside of me. Relieved is the right word I guess. Before the shake I didn’t feel anything special but I guess if I where being sad or angry shaking would be the perfect ting to do to get rid off that bad energy. It was such a cool way to check in to my body and I am feeling good today. No pain, no bad energies, just one happy body feeling a little bit happier after 15 minutes of shaking 🙂

If you want to join me, or us in this challenge, click on the link below and get started, you have nothing to loose 🙂


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